Race walking? Why Not Texting?

It’s no wonder that race walking is the butt of many jokes during the Olympics.   If it sounds like a joke, and looks like a joke…well then. People race walking look either like they must get to the bathroom quickly or they are runway models who have had too much caffeine.

I know, I know…it is harder than it looks, and it requires a tremendous amount of ability and training just like all the other sports.  But still.



I think that if the Olympics wants to improve its dismal ratings, and earn some younger fans, it has to introduce a new sport different than golf in 2020.  Why not texting?

As most people know, texting quickly and accurately requires a tremendous amount of manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.  It’s definitely a summer sport.  When it is 20 degrees outside people aren’t too keen to hold a piece of metal and peck at a glass screen.

I think whoever decides these things needs to consider making texting an Olympic Sport.  Have a list of random words pop up and the person who can text them correctly in the allotted time wins.

It’s a good idea.  I’m not joking. If race walking can be an Olympic sport, so can texting.