About Me

My name is Dr. Roderick Graham, and this website contains my academic and creative work.

My main gig is as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Old Dominion University. Most of my academic work is in two areas. I explore online behavior, especially crime and deviance online. I also am interested in the dynamics of racial inequality in the United States. You can learn more about my research here. I teach classes in cybercrime, research methods, and racial inequality. You can learn more about my teaching here.

I believe that knowledge is a public good, and I am a public servant. I have dedicated my life to intellectual production and communicating ideas to the public.

I like to write op-ed pieces that explain sociological patterns – especially as they relate to race and technology. You can see this work here. Whenever I get the chance, I also like to give public talks about the topics I am knowledgeable in:

The project that I am most proud of right now is a podcast I have started called Conversations and Perspectives.

You can learn more about the podcast here.