Conversations and Perspectives Podcast

As an academic, I have spent a lot of time writing and publishing research articles.

But how many people are reading them? There are so many people out there who want to learn about sociological and criminological issues, but don’t want to read dense academic articles or take a course. Those are the people I’m trying to reach.

I think there is room for intelligent conversation about a topic – conversation that stretches our understandings about the world. I intentionally seek out people with a unique perspective on the topic. Thus, conversations and perspectives.

I try to have a series of conversations around one topic. The conversations as a whole, are like chapters in a book. My goal is that after I have done between 10 and 12 conversations, I will be much more knowledgeable about the topic, and I will have produced content that is informative for the public.

I have done three series, and working on a fourth:

  • Series 1 – Racial Inequality
  • Series 2 – Cybercrime
  • Series 3 – Sex Work and Sex Trafficking
  • Series 4 – Social Isolation

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